National Council of Postal Credit Unions

Emergency Cash Network Funds Advance Voucher (Open-end Loan Advance)

I hereby request an advance of from my open-end loan account in the Credit Union whose address is for the following purpose:.

I hereby agree to repay to the above Credit Union the full amount of this advance together with the interest at an Annual Percentage Rate of . Repayment shall be made pursuant to the terms and conditions of my said open-end loan agreement, if applicable, and otherwise repayment will be made ON DEMAND. I hereby certify that I have previously received a Truth-in-Lending Disclosure Statement in regard to my open-end loan account. I agree to execute any additional documents said Credit Union may require in order to complete this loan transaction. By my signature below, I acknowledge receipt of a cash advance in the above amount.

 Signature of Credit Union Member
 Loan Officer - Home Credit Union
 Employee - Disbursing Credit Union
 Name of Disbursing Credit Union
 Address of Disbursing Credit Union


Mail or fax original to Home Credit Union